" As good as Sitecore is out of the box, the platform can be extended with custom development to provide more value."
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Sitecore is an ASP.Net-based WCM web application technology which houses everything your marketing team needs to store, manage, analyze, and update your website content in a single unified solution. After the initial development of your website using ASP.NET MVC the management ownership is placed in the hands of your marketing team instead of IT to create content, forms, and articles and measure the value of the content throughout its life cycle.

Customers and Enhancements

More than most WCM vendors, Sitecore is fostering and learning from innovation by its customers, partners and the market as a whole. For example, the Sitecore Business Optimization Services team directly benefits customers that are aiming for digital marketing and business leadership while employing the Sitecore platform.

User Experience and Responsive Design

Sitecore is a platform that offers implementing responsive design – kind of medium between desktop digital presence and the mobile-friendly version. Optimization for mobiles is important as more people visit your website from their mobile device.

Vertex thinks you should consider creating responsive design but also adaptive design at the same time. It allows your website to handle fast loading, show properly sized content thus the UX is much better.

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