" When planning a Sitecore implementation, advanced planning and architecture design is critical. Like any structure, proper architecture provides a robust implementation based on a solid foundation with the infrastructure to support it."
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Information Architecture

The information architecture behind the Sitecore implementation drives the content organization within Sitecore.





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Sitecore is one of the most powerful, dynamic and flexible enterprise content management systems (CMS) available on the market. Sitecore is an extensive Web Content Management (WCM) and Digital Experience platform. It offers reduced IT expenditures, a streamlined content lifecycle, and a return of content control to the subject matter experts. Sitecore 8 incorporates new SPEAK based UI, advanced digital marketing tools, support for large amounts of data, advanced search capabilities, and features.

SharePoint to Sitecore Conversion

As you consider the migration from SharePoint to Sitecore, note the common threads between the two platforms. If you have a sound architecture in your current public-facing SharePoint implementation, we should be able to harness much of the architectural foundation in Sitecore.
Vertex has a long history of working with both Sitecore and SharePoint. We have built various sites using MOSS and integrating commerce technologies. We also know how to take them apart and migrate them to a platform such as Sitecore.

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